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1. Elizabeth G.

Ordered the breakfast burrito with carnitas and one with bacon and cheddar. We also ordered the Nutella pancakes. The pancakes were spot on. Not oh sweet and perfectly moist. The burritos are huge! Two people can share one. The ingredients inside are fresh; potatoes, cheese, avocado, egg, etc. Its even better with some hot sauce on top. I'm always down for breakfast burritos and Frjts knows how to do them.

2. Chris S.

Frjtz totally satisfied my craving for a tasty burger...but the real start of the show was...wait for it...the fried chicken! The fried chicken and the various sauces are definitely what made Frjtz memorable, and I will totally be returning in the future. I got delivery, and they get bonus points for their great packaging (branded, with tape you can remove to compost, lettuce packed separately so it doesn't get soggy, etc.). They also get great bonus points for following the special order instructions to include a few of their awesome sauces on the side. To see their full list of sauces, look at the frjtz alone; it will list them out. Apparently I really need to go in so that I can try them all.

3. Yeji S.

I used to go to Frjtz years ago when they still had a storefront in the mission/Valencia area, so when I saw they were in SOMA now I was a little confused. I was specifically craving poutine and there aren't many places in SF that has poutine, especially now that Off the Grid is not open because of COVID. I ordered the Japanese Stoner Frjtz and it did not disappoint. If you're ever craving poutine in the city this is the place to go (and might be your only choice)!

4. John S.

Frjtz was so late '90s, and like most late-'90s San Francisco endeavors, it thrived and sparkled and faded and hung on and generally lasted much longer than anyone thought possible. Sadly, it now exists only as a place from which to order delivery through parasitic delivery companies.* The concept on Valencia Street was big, beautiful, and well done. Even in its last two years there, the food was delicious, and the portion sizes were large. The different sauces really did make the meal, and you could have the same thing over and over again and never get bored, just because of those sauces. I always liked eating here. Strangely, it was a scene that felt OK to exist in in private. The plastic chandelier and furry pillows and weird kitschy wallpaper were fine for other people's Instagram photos. I just liked eating piles of carbs drenched in delicioso sauces.

5. Jennifer C P.

A kilo of fries? Go ahead. Do what comes naturally. Ask "How many pounds is a kilo of fries" because America does not use the metric system like everyone else in the world but let's save that heated debate for another day. 2.2 pounds is a kilo per the internets. I checked. You'll probably check too. I recommend it. Get smarter. So the menu lists a kilo of fries suitable for 4-5 people. Sketchy. Never in my life did I want (let alone eat) a half pound fries. I say half a pound because there were 4 grown adults having dinner in my group so the rough maths on that is a half pound. Get it? Got it.